Operation Black Panther (1977)

Unofficially, it almost seems like Sunday is the day that I link to a review by Todd over at Die Danger Die Die Kill. Why? Because I like the way Todd writes, and where else are you going to find reviews of some of the most obscure, abused and neglected spy films on the planet?

Today’s review takes us to Thailand, and the film in question is Operation Black Panther. Here’s a taste:

‘My ignorance of the Thai language prevents me from providing you with much detail regarding its plot, but I can tell you that the movie contains two brilliant bits, one of them being the gang of super-criminals who all wear full-head rubber panther masks.

The gang also has a live panther on hand to dine on those members of the organization whose performance falls short of expectations. The other brilliant bit is Sombat’s car, which looks to be made out of two Mini Cooper front ends welded together, complete with opposite facing steering wheels. This allows Sombat to drive the car from either end, something that is demonstrated to amusing effect in an early chase scene where he keeps hopping from one seat to the other to extricate himself from whatever apparent dead-end his pursuers have backed him into. (Yes, I know there’s such a thing as
reverse, but what’s the fun in that?)

To read the full review, head over to Die Danger Die Die Kill.

Operation Black Panther (1977)

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