Special Announcement!!!

Don’t you hate when you set up your DVD/Video recorder to record a television show overnight and when you check it the next day you find that you have recorded two hours of the home-shopping network? Do you know why this happens? Because machines are evil!

The COBRAS are sick and tired of machines that don’t operate the way they should, and we’re prepared to do something about it! It’s the COBRAS vs. MACHINES. I know this sounds somewhat like Terminator Salvation, but this is not a new concept. Man has been battling machines since the industrial age, and of course, spies have been at the forefront of this battle. Whether it be unplugging sentient super-computers or tussling with Fembots, spies have been saving us from the horrors of the mechanised world. Why? Because machines are evil!

I am pleased to announce, starting next Monday, the COBRAS are having their first roundtable, where we will each, in our individual ways, look at Spies battling machines.

So be sure to check in next Monday and bear witness as the COBRAS take on the most hideous mechanised horror that the spy world can hurl at them!

Special Announcement!!!

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