King for a day

After a somewhat self-destructive and unproductive weekend, I find myself short of completed material to post today. I had planned a post on Peter Wyngarde’s hand prints (hence the title of this post – Jason King being the character that Wyngarde is most closely associated with). In the early 1970’s Wyngarde came to Melbourne, and left his imprints in a block of wet cement in the city (with many other celebrities of the day). Allegedly, after many years of wear and tear, the slabs were lifted up, and mounted on a wall inside McEwans Department store. Over the years, McEwans evolved in Bunnings Warehouse – which is a chain of hardware stores.

So on Saturday, armed with a digital camera, I made the pilgrimage into the city to find Wyngarde’s handprints.

Well it looks like the store has been demolished. I don’t know if the concrete imprints were removed and taken elsewhere – or they were demolished with the building – or sold off to private collectors. It looks like I am going to have to do more research.

Next, I thought I’d drop into the Sherlock Holmes on Collins Street. I figured they may have some interesting Holmesiana on the walls that may have slotted in with my current series of posts. But when I got there, it was closed.

So I moved on…on to the Casino. Thankfully, I had blown most of my money early in the week, so when I lost all the money I had remaining, well it wasn’t too much. But hardly a weekend of Bondian proportions.

In the end, all I have to offer are 2 James Bond album covers from Japan. The albums themselves were a disappointing hotch-potch of cover versions. Out of the two, the Moonraker album is the best, as it has a few cuts performed by the John Barry Orchestra.


King for a day

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