Field Reports: 1

After months of delays, I am finally moving house, and will be off air for a short while (not too long I hope). But for spy fans, there is still many great resources on the net.

• There’s a nice review from Todd at 4DK of the Eurospy flick Scorpions and Miniskirts (AKA: Death on a Rainy Afternoon).

• Jeremy Duns, author of Free Country, is interviewed at the Harrogate festival by the website Unbound, and you can read that here. The audio of the interview is here.

• The Lightning Bug’s Lair celebrates its second anniversary this month. I thought it was worth revisiting They Call Her Cleopatra Wong

• If ‘ROCK’ is your thing, then here’s Rory Gallagher playing Philby and Secret Agent

• Tanner at the Double-O-Section reviews Network’s DVD release of The Corridor People

• Jason at Spyvibe takes a look at the Satire / Surrealism in the UK which influenced The Corridor People.

• James Phelan’s fifth Lachlan Fox book Red Ice is out now.

• Markus Wolf from The Stasi Kalls up the Ku Klux Klan and asks them about their activities during the Cold War.

• Johny Malone hosts the Flickr Espionage & Action Art Gallery which has a fantastic selection of book covers and poster art.

• From the excellent Spy Guys & Gals website comes a fascinating overview of The Coxeman series of spy books.

• And finally, for those who haven’t been across yet, P2K Red is my companion website where I write about all those things that aren’t SPY. Among the many posts, I have recently looked at Dean Koontz’s Velocity, the Australian cannibal epic Van Diemen’s Land and Jackie Chan’s take on Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid.

Field Reports: 1

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