As I mentioned the other day, I’ll be a bit light on for posts over the next week or two, but there is still great spy blogging happening. Markus Wolf at The Stasi has just reviewed Fallback by Peter Niesewand.

It seems Mr. Wolf didn’t like the twist halfway through the story – but forgive me, maybe it’s my fondness for trash – but the twist to me sounds fantastic…it reads like the literary equivalent of a Eurospy film.

Here’s a snippet.

… instead the author chooses [to] have the boss of the agency terminate the young super agent and then transplant the brain from the old man into his head, thus creating the ultimate agent. I honestly never saw that coming, and this made me sceptical for the rest of the book. I love escapism – that is the whole point of cold war fiction, but it has to be credible escapism. For instance, I thought The Power by James Mills about telepathy was one of the worst books I have ever read, yet Larry Collins Maze, which set along the same lines was quite good he managed to credibly explain the science coupled with good character development and a decent plot. In one fell swoop, the author has turned a very good cold war spy book that had all the right ingredients into something that is frankly a bit stupid.

Sounds great doesn’t it? To read the whole review click here.

An interesting tidbit about the author – from the Academic Dictionary and Encyclopedia:

Niesewand is credited with originating terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez’s ‘Jackal’ alias: “The nickname the Guardian reporter Peter Niesewand had inspired by mentioning the Forsyth thriller found along with the arms cache in Angela Otaola’s bedsit was a perfect fit. Derogatory yet with just a hint of admiration for the cunning of the canine sometimes known as “the lion’s provider”


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