S.O.S. Conspiracion Bikini (1967)

Like an anchorman, desk-bound in a television studio, I once again throw to Todd at Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill. Todd’s field work takes him once again to Mexico – as he looks at the ’60s spy film S.O.S. Conspiraccion Bikini

Here’s a snippet:

Though, not being fluent in Spanish, I couldn’t tell you what exactly that story was. Nor can I even tell you for sure what the conspiracy at that story’s center was. It did indeed, however, involve a bikini fashion show taking place at a resort hotel in Ecuador, so it was probably some kind of nefarious, cameltoe based scheme, or perhaps a plan to start some kind of worldwide wedgie pandemic. The bikini models, you see, are enemy agents.

To read the whole review – click here.

S.O.S. Conspiracion Bikini (1967)

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