Super7even: Operation Four Play

For spy film and fumetti fans, episode three of the Super7even web series is now on line, starring Jerry Kokich as the titular Super7even, and crowd favourite Olivia Dunkley as Sandra West, ex-agent of T.H.E.M.

This episode finds our red-suited hero attempting to convince ex-agent West to ‘come in from the cold’ and rejoin T.H.E.M. However, she has other, more aggressive and lethal ideas. Operation Four Play is an enthusiastic homage to those masked super hero and spy films of the 1960s, and will bring a smile to the lips of those who grew up watching Diabolik, Argoman, and Superargo, as well as small screen shows such as The Man From UNCLE and Get Smart.

Operation Four Play is the first part of a two part episode, so stay tuned for the conclusion which is shooting now.

You can see more of Olivia on her official website: or on her Facebook fan page.

Super7even: Operation Four Play

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