Remo Williams: TV Series Pilot (1988)

A little bit more on the Destroyer. In 1988, an attempt to launch a Remo Williams television series was made. Only the pilot was completed – obviously not good enough (or popular enough?) to garner the support to proceed to a fully fledged series.

I haven’t seen the Pilot myself, but below a few clips from Youtube.

Uploaded by Sosaix:

And a golf sequence uploaded by supersandor:

Have a good weekend!

Remo Williams: TV Series Pilot (1988)

3 thoughts on “Remo Williams: TV Series Pilot (1988)

  1. Brian Sheridan says:

    The Destroyers are a real mixed bag. The creators political views to get in the way too much for my enjoyment (the 3rd book has Remo raping a woman and she enjoys it).

    The movie wasn’t as good as it could have been either but neither were the Bond movies of that time.

    I find it offensive they cast Joel Grey as an Korean martial arts master, not once but twice! Jeff Meek in the TV pilot was much better in the martial arts TV series “Raven.”

    Love the blog! Keep up the great work.


  2. J F Norris says:

    Roddy McDowall as Chiun? Wow. There was a serious problem with casting Asian roles back in the 1980s. You think Hollywood would’ve learned from its mistakes dating back to Charlie Chan in the 1930s.

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