Super7even on DVD

Over the past few months, my friend Bob Griffith has been producing a web series called The Adventures of Super7even, which is an enthusiastic homage to those masked super hero and spy films of the 1960s, and will bring a smile to the face of those who grew up watching Diabolik, Argoman, The Three Fantastic Supermen and Superargo, as well as small screen shows such as The Man From UNCLE and Get Smart.

Now all sixteen episodes of The Adventures of Super7even have been collected into a 2 disk DVD set, which also includes Blooper Reels, the Original Series Pitch Video, Cast And Crew Interviews, Behind The Scenes Video, a Photo Gallery, and a “60 Second Film School” short feature. All in all, there is four hours of material!!!

If it sounds like your cup of tea, The Adventures of Super7even can be ordered from eBay or directly from the Super7even site.

Super7even on DVD

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