Kickboxing Chick v Kangaroo

Obviously fighting a kangaroo is, well in my onion, pretty barbaric really – and certainly not politically correct today. But it was a common practice for Australian carnivals and circuses to have such an attraction in days gone by.

It is also an element in King of the Outback – and although a work of fiction, I have tried to not present the boxing kangaroo in an exploitative fashion.

But for those who need a boxing kangaroo fix, here’s a clip of moderate amusement. At least the roo doesn’t come out on the negative side of the ledger.

Uploaded by katogt

May sees the launch of King of the Outback, the sixth book in the popular Fightcard series – and my literary debut (writing as Jack Tunney). Accordingly, in a month long celebration, Permission to Kill will be looking back and some of the highlights – and lowlights – of boxing in film and literature – and in music too.

For an up-to-date direct connection with the Fightcard series check out the home page, or for you youngsters, you can follow the Facebook Fan Page.

Kickboxing Chick v Kangaroo

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