The Captive

A communique from Superseven, the world’s most famous masked superspy.

This is Superseven!

I am recovering from what appears to have been some sort of dream, or nightmare. Recently, I have been called upon, as a member of T.H.E.M to undertake some very stressful situations; rescuing Sandra West from evil enemy agents (as opposed to the “good” enemy agents; you know who you are!), travelling great distances to gather necessary information, and having my secret training facility compromised by the aforementioned Ms.West.

This necessitated my finding a new, hidden lair where I can recharge my mental and physical batteries, train with Master Sashimi, and maintain my superb abilities as a crimefighter. All this, apparently, prayed on my mind so greatly, as to cause me to have the most vivid dream of my life. In it, I resigned from T.H.E.M, and decided to go on a much-needed vacation. As I was preparing to leave, I was gassed, found myself on a deserted beach, was interrogated by a strange gentleman, surrounded by beautiful women, led a dance number, and was continually stalked by an itinerant beach ball.

This was bizarre, even by my standards.

Anyway, I woke up from this dream to find myself back in my home, none the worse for wear.

Although I seem to have acquired a roommate…

The Captive

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