Fight Card: Tomato Can Comeback

Author: Jack Tunney (Henry Brown)
Published: August 2012
Book No: 8

Earlier this month, the eighth novella in the Fight Card series, Tomato Can Comeback was released, and it continues the high standard set by the previous stories. This one is set in Detroit, and is told from the point of view of sports reporter, Gil Schwartz.

The hero of the piece, is a boxer named Tom Garrick, who after suffering a terrible beating at hands of a welterweight contender, is nicknamed Tomato Can – as it is suggested that he bled so much during the fight, he resembled a tomato can being split open by a tire iron. The beating is so traumatic, Garrick gives up the fight game.

Later, however, with the help of an army buddy, his platoon sergeant in Korea, Garrick prepares to make a comeback. Gil Schwartz thinks it may make a great story, and pays close attention to Garrick, and the people around him.

Unlike many of the other Fight Cards stories, there isn’t an out and out villain (like organised crime, or a dirty fighter), but there is a mystery to the story – which I’ll refrain from remarking upon – but it ties all the loose ends together rather nicely.

Tomato Can Comeback is hugely entertaining and a worthy addition to the Fight Card series. If you enjoyed, King of the Outback, or any of the other Fight Cards stories, then jump on board this one – you wont regret it. Highly recommended.

Fight Card: Tomato Can Comeback

2 thoughts on “Fight Card: Tomato Can Comeback

  1. Hey David:

    Thanks for the review! I was just searching for the Fight Fictioneers magazine and stumbled on your site. I regret to admit I haven’t read King of the Outback yet, but will correct that when I get some free time.


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