Tobruk Target

Author: W.H. Williams
Publisher: Horwitz
Pictured: 1963 Paperback edition
Book No: 3

Here’s another old Australian war story, published by Horwitz. I don’t have time to read this at the moment, but I thought I would share a little bit about the book.

From the back:

The tiny desert patrol clawed across the burning desert, every man in the unit raw, tough, concentrated on the job.

Their target was Tobruk, with orders to snatch crack German Colonel Klaus Speidel from under the garrison commander’s eyes… but before that came the long battle in the scorching sands, a hard, blood soaked struggle for the TOBRUK TARGET.

About the author:

W.H. Williams is no distant armchair narrator of the Middle East campaign. He went to Tobruk in 1940 with the 7th Australian Division as a private, later reaching the rank of captain. During his 5.5 years service he gained a deep understanding of the men who fought, died, and won, and before leaving the Middle East, was seconded to the Army Military history section to compile and record details of the Libyan wartime scene.

Tobruk Target

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