Fight Card: Get Hit, Hit Back

G’day folks. The latest Fight Card novella, Get Hit, Hit Back – written by John Kenyon (as Jack Tunney) is now available for kindle.

After last months diversion into MMA, Fight Card is back with an old school boxing story (but MMA fans, don’t worry – there’s more MMA take down action coming later in the year – I think there’s one called Rosie the Ripper).

I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, but the early reports suggest the one has a nice twist in the tail, that has caught a few people off guard. Sounds great.

Here’s the spiel.

Ottumwa, Iowa 1954

Griffin McCann’s small-town world is rocked when the bank where he works as a guard is robbed. He chases the robbers out of the bank and into a gun battle, leaving one hood dead and one on the lam. Left alone with a dead robber and a bag full of cash, McCann makes a rash decision …

Knowing he’s made a bad mistake, McCann wants to return the money, but life is never that simple. He needs a plan, so he turns to the one thing he knows best – boxing. Now, his moment of weakness has put him in the ring against a deadly opponent who wants to destroy him.

But McCann remembers the most important thing Father Tim, the battling priest, taught him back at St. Vincent’s Asylum For Boys in Chicago: When you get hit, hit back …

Fight Card: Get Hit, Hit Back

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