Action: Pulse Pounding Tales – Volume 2 is live

Last year I was lucky enough to have a story in an anthology called Action: Pulse Pounding Tales, which was put together by Matt Hilton (author of the Joe Hunter series). Now it’s time for a return bout.

Like The Expendables 2, but in book form, Action: Pulse Pounding Tales returns in a second volume that is BIGGER, BETTER and more violent than before. My contribution is a follow-up to last year’s blood and thunder tale Cutter’s Law. The new story is entitled Get Cutter!

This story sees Nathan Cutter behind bars – after the events in Cutter’s Law – with a bounty on his head. In the tradition of Escape From Alcatraz (and I am not ashamed to say, Lockup), Cutter must fight to stay alive in Ironbark Correctional Institution, in Sydney, Australia. Relentless pulse pounding action ensues.

The blurb:

30 Action-packed Pulse Pounding Tales!

That’s exactly what you get in this collection of action stories from Matt Hilton, Paul D Brazill, Richard Godwin, Rod Glenn and many other established thriller authors, including stories from bestselling ebook authors and exciting up-and-comers.

Think back to the days when heroes were heroes and the action was furious and full-blooded. When often as not, the hero was quite the opposite: an anti-hero – but he needed to be, to bring the kind of violent justice to villains worse than him. When political correctness took a back seat, even as the bullets and karate chops were flying. Basically it was good old harmless fun. It was a case of disengaging your moral compass and getting down with the hero as they took on all comers, and they did it with balletic grace and uncompromising violence. Gratuitous? Mostly. Realistic? Not always. Great fun? You betcha!!!

Then fast forward to the here and now: What if the current action and thriller authors set their minds to bringing back the action genres of old?

Well, that question is answered here, for the second time: Within these pages you will find hit men, secret agents, vigilantes, private eyes, assassins and professional thieves, savage warriors and one or two others who can’t be easily categorized, all kicking ass and taking names. Some of the tales are delivered with shocking realism, some as lighter entertainment, some on the grittier side, but each and every tale included in Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 2 is sure to get your heart racing.

Kick back and enjoy the ride!

Here’s what you’ll find inside.

Introduction by Matt Hilton
Dirk Ramm: Unsheathed by Matt Hilton
Sins of Omission by Ian Graham
See Saw by James Oliver Hilton
Uninvited Guests by Rod Glenn
The Missionary by Paul D Brazill
Hard Wood by Tyson Adams
Black Tuesday by Alex Shaw
.50 Contingency Plan by Jochem Vandersteen
Cold Redemption By Les Morris
Kokoro by Andrew Scorah
Get Cutter! By James Hopwood
Jardine Rides Again by Ian McAdam
Jack Be Nimble by Gavin Hunt
Exit Wound by Steve Christie
As Heroes Fall By Frank Sonderborg
Goofy Brings The House Down by Richard Godwin
Grand Central: Terminal by Terrence P. McCauley
The Fixer by Dean Breckenridge
Soup Sandwich by Christopher L. Irvin
Pasnuta Means Arena of Death! by Richard Prosch
Mududa’s Revenge by Graham Smith
97 Ways To Die In Istanbul by Paul Grzegorzek
It’s Noir or Never by Absolutely*Kate
Push by Kevin Michaels
You Only Die Once by Rhesa Sealy
Man About Town by Alan Griffiths
Hanoi Heat by Iain Purdie
Hammertime by Asher Wismer
When The Devil Catches Up by Lee Hughes

Bonus Tale
Suited and Booted by Matt Hilton

It’s nice to see a couple of my Fight Card colleagues, Kevin Michaels and Terrence McCauley have stories in this collection.

You can get it by clicking here.

Of course, Volume 1 is still available. It is a great collection of stories – thirty-seven tales of thrills, spills, kills, and guns galore – written by thirty-six authors, including Zoe Sharp, Matt Hilton, Adrian Magson, Steven Savile, Paul D. Brazill, Richard Godwin, and many more.

It’s available from Amazon USA click here and for those in the UK click here.

Action: Pulse Pounding Tales – Volume 2 is live

2 thoughts on “Action: Pulse Pounding Tales – Volume 2 is live

  1. David,

    Do you remember Brigitte Montfort, the spy you heard about from your Brazilian friend? Well, I have just released a blog dedicated exclusively to her and her mother, Giselle, including posts in both Portuguese and English, so you can be more familiar with those characters and share the information on your blog as well.

    I have already created a link there to your website here. I hope you enjoy.



  2. Issac S. Cross says:

    Wow what a sensory overload of action and mayhem! I read this compilation continuously but I think that was my mistake. To keep the action fresh I recommend reading this book in between other things. Assorted writers showcase a deluge of assassins, vigilantes and hard men. I especially liked the sword and sorcery stories and the bonus western tale Trench Warfare. To summarise this compilation offers an excellent way to sample various writers you may not have come across before. What more can I say? At this price this is a steal as there are some real corkers in this collection.

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