Code 7, Victim 5!

Just a heads up (courtesy of Jason Murphy), that the 1960’s spy thriller, Code 7, Victim 5! will be released by Network in August as Victim Five.

Here’s the spiel from the Network site:

Former Tarzan Lex Barker, Walter Rilla and Ronald Fraser star in a mid-sixties British thriller that takes full advantage of its spectacular South African setting, showcasing sumptuous imagery from cinematographer Nicolas Roeg. Blending breathtaking scenery, action and romance, Victim Five is available here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements.

When a millionaire’s beloved valet is slain, suave American PI Steve Martin is hired to find the killer. His investigation takes him to Cape Town, where he learns the murder was linked to a group of Nazi prisoners of war who never returned to Germany; vertiginous car chases, knife-wielding assailants, sharks, lions and stampeding ostriches are just a few of the perils he encounters in his search for the truth!

You can read full details here.

Code 7, Victim 5!

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