Brooklyn Beatdown

Just a heads up to all the Fight Card fans, that the latest story is now live. Brooklyn Beatdown, is the title, and hiding behind the Jack Tunney pseudonym is prolific pulp author Derrick Ferguson, the creator of one of New Pulp’s most distinctive characters – Dillon. In Fight Card: Brooklyn Beatdown, Derrick brings us Fight Card’s first African American lead character, Levi Kimbro, who knows more about backroom brawls than is healthy for any man.

Below is the official blurb.


Brooklyn – 1954.

Bare-knuckle brawler, Levi Kimro battles his way through the bloody backroom ghetto bars of Brooklyn in pursuit of his dream of owning his own business. It’s a hard and vicious road he walks and it becomes even more complicated when he falls hard for the electrifying Dorothea McBricker.

Dorothea’s brother, Teddy, has fallen under the influence of notorious gangster Duke Williamson – a powerful man who is pressuring Levi to join his stable of fighters or face off against the human killing machine, ‘Deathblow’ Ballantine. A knock-down, drag out, Brooklyn Beatdown is brewing, and Levi will need every ounce of his fighter’s heart if he wants to save not only himself, but the woman he loves …

As I implore readers every month, if you haven’t checked out the Fight Card series, get hold of one of the tales (it doesn’t matter which one, as they’re all pretty good), and give it a shot. If you don’t, you’re missing out on some the best New Pulp fiction going around at the moment.

Brooklyn Beatdown is available now from Amazon.

And you can find out more about Derrick Ferguson at his site, Dillon.

Brooklyn Beatdown

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