Commando: Operation Cannibal

OpCanAuthor: Jack Badelaire
Published: December 2013

Operation Cannibal is the third book in the highly enjoyable Commando series (following Operation Arrowhead and Operation Bedlam) written by indie author Jack Badelaire. The story is a stand alone adventure, and having read to first two book is not a necessity.

While the first two titles in the series, saw Corporal Lynch and the 3 Commando unit fighting the Jerries in occupied France, this tale sees the unit in Northern Africa, fighting heat, sand and… naturally enough, more Germans – this time members of Rommel’s Afrika Korp, allied with members of the Italian light infantry, the Bersaglieri.

Like the previous books in the series, Cannibal serves up all the usual boys-own-adventure you could desire – bullets, bombs, bren guns and more. However, author Jack Badelaire has not not only changed the setting, but also added a dollop of suspense at the start, which serves the story well.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you should check the series out.

Commando: Operation Cannibal

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