Throwback Thursday

Throwback 2

It’s Thursday once again – my last working day of the week. Yeah, I know I am pretty lucky (but there are some days when I’d rather have the extra dollars in my pocket). I posted this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, so if you’ve read this twice, I apologise.

For Throwback Thursday, here’s a shot from 1995. I’d love to say that I was pounding out words to my first novel – but I’d be lying. Looking at that phosphorescent green screen, I would hazard a guess that I was trying to get my head around Corel Draw 2. Never did master Corel. In fact went on to use a Sun Microsystem program called Milestone – and then Quark, Illustrator & Photoshop.

Yeah, I learned these things late. When I studied art and design computers were only beginning to filter into graphic design. I did a lot of my early work using bromide and galley cameras and a lot of hand cut stencils. Hands up if you know what ‘Rubylith’ is? On occasion, I even used an airbrush for illustrations.

Technology, eh? It’s changing things so fast, I can barely keep up.


Throwback Thursday

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