Kelly Cover of the Day: 4


As we lead up to the release of my next Fight Card novella, The Iron Fists of Ned Kelly, I thought I’d share some of the wide array of books already released about Ned, covering nearly every aspect of his life. Most of these images have been sourced from eBay (my thanks to those who photographed and uploaded the images).

Here’s another version of the same book from my collection, but with a tie in cover, from the 1970 Ned Kelly movie featuring Mick Jagger.

Last Stand

Here’s the back caver blurb:

The thrilling story of Australia’s most daring Bushranger

Ned Kelly has become part of Australian mythology as well as being something of a national hero. But was he a brave man or was he in fact a coward? And was he a wronged man or just a bad one?

This enthralling story of Ned Kelly’s amazing exploits maintains that he was indeed as legend has made him out to be – and he was a man wronged beyond all endurance.


Once again from my bookshelf, to confuse you all (it confused me), this is the same book once again (a later printing, 1980 – published by Angus & Robertson), but as you can see the title has been changed.

old paper or parchment

Kelly Cover of the Day: 4

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