Kelly Cover of the Day: 9


As we lead up to the release of my next Fight Card novella, The Iron Fists of Ned Kelly, I thought I’d share some of the wide array of books already released about Ned, covering nearly every aspect of his life. This one is from my collection and it’s an edited version of the famous Jerilderie Letter, a 56 page letter narrated by Kelly, but scribed by Joe Byrne – where he told his side of the story and laid down the law as it were. The letter was quashed by the authorities.

Here’s the blurb from the back.

“I have been wronged…”

Ned Kelly was a dangerous man – a thief, a bank robber and a murderer. Yet when he was sentenced to hang, thousands of people rallied to save his life.

In the Jerilderie Letter we hear Ned in his own words. Wicked, angry, vividly descriptive – this is Ned’s justification to his countrymen of how it all transpired.

old paper or parchment

Kelly Cover of the Day: 9

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