Book Cover of the Day – The Forbidden Territory

The Forbidden Territory
Author: Dennis Wheatley
Publisher: Hutchinson
Published: 1933
Pictured above: Arrow Books – Paperback edition, published Sept. 1958

The Forbidden Territory was Dennis Wheatley’s first published novel. It was made into a film in 1934. Allegedly, Alfred Hitchcock bought the rights, but the film was directed by Phil Rosen.

You can read more about the film version at The Dennis Wheatley Project.

Book Cover of the Day – The Forbidden Territory

Flash Gordon: Novelisation

Flash Gordon – by Arthur Byron Cover (Based on the screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr).

From the Back:

They slept as the capsule floated through a paradoxical spacemist of subatomic particles, galactic debris, flamed-out comets, tiny asteroids, the husks of interstellar creatures, nebulous spirals of anti-matter.

They slept as they were drawn inexorably into a vortex of shifting, shimmering colours, were sucked, spinning, to the still centre of the universe, to Mongo, heavy-gravity domain of Ming the Merciless.

And woke to find they had plunged into a life or death struggle with evil at its most ingenious and cruel.

Flash Gordon: Novelisation

The Lion Men of Mongo

The Lion Men of Mongo – By Alex Raymond
Star Books – 1980 Reprint

From the back:

The spaceship plummeted downwards…
With characteristic daring, Flash struggled with the controls – to no avail. He was irretrievably drawn towards the mysterious planet Mongo… There he, Dale and Dr Zarkov would be pitted in a heroic battle for survival against the malevolent forces of its emperor, the merciless monomaniac Ming…

The Lion Men of Mongo