Kizil Maske (1968)

In Turkey, The Phantom is known as Kizil Maske, or The Red Mask, but I regret to inform you that at this time I have not been able to acquire copies of any of the three Turkish Phantom movies. Yep, that’s right, there were three of them – and just to confuse you (well it confused me) – two of them were called ‘Kizil Maske’ and were released in 1968.

But fear not, dear reader. Harnessing the awesome power that is TarsTarkas.NET here’s two snippets from his reviews of Kizil Maske.

Kizil Maske (1968)

This entry was produced, directed, and written by Çetin Inanç, the protege of Yilmaz Atadeniz (who gave world the Kilink films.) Inanc went on to produce a whole ton of Turkish films, both craptacularly awesome superhero fair like this, and more modern stuff that includes violent action films.

Kizil Maske translates to Red Mask, in case you were wondering. Remember how in old serials fights would break out all the time randomly, and last like five minutes? That’s pretty much this film. Long fights, lots of manly action, and Turkish men being men. No subtitles, either, because who needs those? At TarsTarkas.NET, we don’t need no stinkin’ subtitles! It is not like you need a flow chart to follow the plot: The bad dudes are bad, and the Phantom punches them for an hour or so. The end.

And from the other Kizil Maske, which was directed by Tolgay Ziyal:

The night club singer is in the bathtub covered in bubbles, scrubbing away! Oh, to be Mr. Bubble back in 1968 Turkey… Kizil Maske is in costume and leaps onto the walls to go all voyeur on her. So Kizil Maske is an uncontrollable sex fiend now? He looks around her place, spies on her in the tub and out of it. She isn’t upset in the slightest that he is there. talks to him in a towel as he lies on her bed. This section has some very jumpy cuts….it is possible there was actual nudity at some point, but it is all chopped out, and maybe lost forever. Turkey!!! The lounge singer calls for “Champagne” from “room service,” which we all know is just some goons who come up – Kizil Maske gets the drop on them, but the fight drags on. The 1960?s Batman theme plays! Groovy.

For more Phantom-ey goodness, and information on Kizil Maske, but sure to head over to TarsTarkas.NET and check out BOTH reviews.

Here’s a chunk of the action, uploaded to youtube by Mr Violenta. Finding this Youtube clip delighted me no end. Enjoy.

Here’s a brief synopsis courtesy of

One of the most important diamonds in the world, the Nairobi Diamond is stolen by Octopussy’s gang in Istanbul. When Phantom (Ismet Erten) hears this news, he comes to Istanbul to retrieve the diamond from Octopussy and his gang.

Wow! Just wow! Octopussy is a man!

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Kizil Maske (1968)