The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)

In Melbourne, Australia it is just ticked past 9:00am on the 11th of November. 134 years ago, on this day, Ned Kelly was hung at Old Melbourne Gaol.

And here is, what many people consider the world’s first feature film – and remember this was only made 26 years after Kelly’s death, so many of the people involved in the story were still alive.

The first dramatic narrative to run over 60 minutes in length, but now only fragments remain, many of which are as badly decomposed as Ned Kelly. It also marks the beginning of the film industry in Australia but was banned in Benalla and Wangarratta, Australia, in 1907, and then again in Adelaide in 1911.

Kelly’s actual suit of armour was borrowed from the Victorian Museum and worn in the film.

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The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)

Ned Kelly Uncovered

This documentary from 2009 features Baldrick (sorry, I mean Tony Robinson) digging up Ned Kelly’s past.

Ned Kelly Uncovered follows the first ever excavation of the Glenrowan Inn site where the iconic Australian bushranger and his gang holed up for a showdown with police.

Nearly 130 years later, can a team of archaeologists and historians reveal new insights into Ned Kelly’s final moments of freedom.

With expert commentary from Kelly experts Ian Jones and Alex McDermott, this one hour documentary follows a seven week dig led by archaeologist Adam Ford.

As the archaeologists unearth a host of artefacts including cartridges and bullets, the team conduct tests with fascinating results. Meanwhile the historians strip back the myth, piecing together the clues to give a detailed new look at an iconic Australian, literally from the ground up.

Presenter: Tony Robinson
Producers: Alex West and Lucy Mcalaren
Executive Producers: Joe Connor, Ken Connor, Alex West
Writer/Director: Alex West

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Ned Kelly Uncovered